Maryland Association of Blind Students Annual Seminar - Empowerment Through Experience


Introductions (30 min):

  • 4-4:10PM EST: Meet the board
  • 4:10-4:15PM EST: NFB of Maryland President, Ronza Othman
  • 4:15-4:20PM EST: National representative, Pam Allen (first Vice President for the National Federation of the Blind and Executive Director of the Louisiana Center for the Blind)
  • 4:20-4:25PM EST: NABS representative, TBD
  • 4:25-4:30PM ESP: NFB President, Mark Riccobono

Icebreaker (30 min)

  • 4:30-5:00PM EST: Icebreaker


Session 1 (60 min)

  • 5:00-6:00PM EST: Rotating breakout sessions
    • Breakout Room 1: Socializing and Getting Involved in Your Community
      • Facilitators:
        • Shawn Abraham, MDABS Board Member 1
        • Juhi Narula, MDABS Secretary and Founder of Cherish Life Corp.
        • Ekta Daryani, Founder and Director of Biculturaly
    • Breakout Room 2: Rights and Education: Accesability, Textbooks, Online Materials, and College Board
      • Facilitators:
        • Noah White, Board Member 2
        • James Garret Mooney, MDABS Treasurer
        • Eric Guillory, LCB Director of Youth Services
        • Ellana Crew, GREATER Baltimore Chapter President and Maryland Career Mentoring Program Coordinator
      • Breakout Room 3: What is MDABS and Why Should You Join
        • Facilitators:
          • Qualik Ford, MDABS President
          • Erin Daring, MDABS Vice President and National Student Representative

Session 2 (60 min)

  • 6:00-7:00PM EST: Empowerment Through Experience Panel
    • Panelists
      • Martin Bicera Miranda, Colorado Center for the Blind
      • LaShawn Miles, Library for the Blind and Print Disabled
      • Robert Hair, Maryland School for the Blind Superintendent
      • Julie Gaynor, Teacher for the Vissually Impaired and Maryland Space Camp Coordinator
      • Hindley Williams, Resources for Transition Youth