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The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland is the Maryland state affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind. We are changing what it means to be blind in Maryland! Find a local chapter or division. The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.

NFBMD COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland has established an affiliate COVID-19 fund to assist individuals and families that are experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. This fund is available to blind individuals and families with a blind household member living in Maryland. The financial assistance must be needed due to a change in circumstance, e.g. loss of employment income, because of COVID-19 or associated government directives like the Stay-at-Home order. Assistance is limited to essentials such as groceries and medication. This Fund is being administered by the NFBMD Financial Assistance Committee.



NFB of Maryland Corona Virus updates and resources

The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland is closely monitoring the COVID-19 emergency, which is impacting all Marylanders but may have unique effects on the blind.


The health and safety of all of our members, colleagues, and friends is always our top priority. This page provides resources that may be particularly useful to blind people in Maryland facing challenges during the outbreak. If you have found other resources that you believe are useful, please email the information to president@nfbmd.org


Blind Cruising 2020

The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland will be hosting a cruise fundraiser from September 27, 2020 to October 4, 2020.   The affiliate will receive a portion of the cost of each cabin that is booked.  All are welcome, including members of the NFBMD, other affiliates, families, colleagues, and friends.  For additional information or to reserve your cabin, please email NFBMD.outreach@gmail.com.  Details are as follows:

Ship: Carnival Pride

Date: September 27 – October 4, 2020

Financial Assistance Application Form For National Convention - Now Available!

Those requesting financial assistance to attend the NFB National Convention in Houston may complete and submit the NFBMD Financial Assistance Application Form by April 15, 2020.

BASKET AND BAG BINGO 2020 - re-scheduled for August 21, 2020

THE BASKET & and BAG BINGO that was scheduled for MARCH 13, 2020 EVENT HAS BEEN re-scheduled for August 21, 2020 DUE TO THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK! All previously purchased tickets for the March 13, 2020 date will be honored for the rescheduled date.


The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland is pleased to announce that the John T.  McCraw Scholarship Program for 2020-2021 will include two scholarships in the amounts of $2,000 and $1,500.  These scholarships will be awarded to qualified blind students who exhibit academic achievement and community involvement.


The John T. McCraw Scholarship Program has been established to promote post-secondary educational opportunities for Maryland's blind students.  The recipients may use these scholarships to defray the cost of educational expenses incurred at any post-secondary institution during the 2020-2021 academic year. 


March 2020 Minute Message

In this issue...

NFBMD Response to COVID-19
NFBMD COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund
NFB and NFBMD Events Impacted by COVID-19
A Successful 2020 Legislative Session in Annapolis!
National Convention is Coming!
NFB National Convention Financial Assistance Application Deadline – April 15, 2020
NFBMD Scholarship Program
Blind Cruising 2020!
Do You Feel Lucky? Spring Raffle
Update on Voting Lawsuit
NFB RideShare Testing Program
Important Upcoming Dates



LBPH upcoming events on Vitamin D and the TUG meeting

Just a reminder that LBPH has TWO upcoming events being held via



Technology User Group Meeting

Saturday, April 4 at 10 AM

Dial-In: 319-527-4994

No advanced registration required.

A look at text scanning apps like Seeing AI, Voice Dream Scanner, and KNFB Reader

Seeing AI:  Seeing AI is an artificial intelligence application developed by Microsoft for iOS. Seeing AI uses the device camera to identify people and objects, and then the app audibly describes those objects for people with visual impairment.


LBPH Upcoming Accessible Technology Education sessions

Now that the library of the Blind and Print Disabled is having virtual meetings rather than in person ones, I hope members from the NFB of Maryland can drop in and listen to what we do and the information that we can deliver. 


Here is our schedule for the next few months:

  • April 4: A look at text to speech apps: AKNFB reader, Seeing AI, and Voice Dream Scanner, also how to take better pictures.
  • May 9: food delivery apps: doordash, postmates, uber eats Instacart and grubHub.
  • June 13: BlindShell Mobile Phone
  • July 11: Google Docs
  • August 8: OrCam
  • September 12: IOS 14


Jerry J Price


Accessible Technology Education Program Coordinator




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