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The Braille Spectator Fall 2014

2014 Presidential Report 

Success Stories
These stories describe full-participation in all aspects of community life. Read about how one man lost his vision and obtained blindness skills while maintaining employment. Read Braille: Wellspring of Literacy. Read an inspiring story about a blind senior citizen who returned to the hobbies and interests he had before losing his vision. Read My Story by Joe Schissler.

2014 Annapolis Issues


2014 Resolutions

Resolution 2014-01 Regarding Orientation and Mobility Services for Children

Resolution 2014-02 Regarding support of the TEACH ACT

Resolution 2014-03 REGARDING discrimination by the Maryland State Department of Human Resources

Resolution 2014-04 Regarding the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Resolution 2014-05 Regarding Equal Access to Public Transportation Technologies

Resolution 2014-06 Regarding Maryland Hub