NFBMD Affiliate, Chapter, and Division Leadership and Governance

The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland (NFBMD) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization registered in the State of Maryland. It is an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind and is governed by an affiliate Board of Directors, which is elected according to the provisions of the affiliate constitution. Maryland also has ten chapters and four divisions, each of them an affiliated entity within the governance of the NFB of Maryland. Each chapter and division operates according to its own constitution and elects a Board of Directors according to that constitution. All chapters and divisions operate as part of the NFB of Maryland. 



NFB of Maryland Board of Directors

President: Ronza Othman

First Vice President: Deborah Brown

Second Vice President: Christopher Danielsen

Secretary: Judy Rasmussen

Treasurer: Jenivieve White

Board Members:

Qualik Ford

Sharon Maneki

James Garret Mooney

Melissa Riccobono

Millie Rivera

Marguerite Woods


NFBMD At Large Chapter

President: Marguerite Woods

Vice President: Sondra Burchette

Secretary: Danielle Earl

Treasurer: Sharon Maneki

Board Members:

Brawyn Evans

Judy Nelson


NFBMD Baltimore County Chapter

President: Latonya Phipps

Vice President: Grady McMahan

Secretary: Paige Trammel

Treasurer: Kevin Cross

Board Members:

Dezman Jackson

Laura Shroyer

Sabrina Washington


NFBMD Central Maryland Chapter

President: Matthew Yanuzzi

Vice President: Sharon Maneki

Secretary: Mercy Rao

Treasurer: Alfred Maneki

Board Members:

Will Hendricks

Guy Kelly


NFBMD Eastern Shore Chapter

President: Heather Guy

Vice President: Tim Meagher

Secretary: Amy Crouse

Treasurer: Virginia Bender

Board Members:

Patty Ann Behr

Gregory Tyler


NFBMD Greater Baltimore Chapter

President: Christopher Danielsen

First Vice President: Tyron Bratcher

Second Vice President: Ellen Ringlein

Secretary: Sherria Young-Smith

Treasurer: Leah Mattern

Board Members:

Karen Anderson

Tracey Hall Hennigan

Edwin Jackson

Justin Young


NFBMD Greater Carroll County Chapter

President: Brian Kessling

Vice President: Derrick Day

Secretary: Gary Legates

Treasurer: Christine Day

Board Members:

Charles Biebl

Laura McLennan


NFBMD National Harbor Chapter

President: Amber Woods

First Vice President: Patricia  Peters

Second Vice President: Yvonne Turner

Secretary: Brian Nivens

Treasurer: Angela Woods

Board Members:

Joyce Brooks

Merida Buck

Ava Ferebee

Gregory Martin


NFBMD Sligo Creek Chapter

President: Deborah Brown

Vice President: Denise Rush

Secretary: Theresa Nettles

Treasurer: Benjamin Danforth

Board Members:

Renee Donalvo Carlson

Michelle Lindsey

Theresa Powers

Janice Toothman



President: Millie Rivera

Vice President: Scott White

Secretary: Ellen Ringlein

Treasurer: Jesse Shirek

Board Members:

Meleah Jensen

Eileen Ley

Jenivieve White


NFBMD Western Maryland Chapter

President: Wendy Ruth

Vice President: Robert Morgan

Secretary: Melissa Stott 

Treasurer: Cynthia Holden


Maryland Association of Blind Merchants Division

President: Melba Taylor

First Vice President: Patricia Homan Eitington

Second Vice President: Steven Brand

Secretary: Tassie Thompson

Treasurer: Andre Sconion

Board Members:

Michael Bullis

Michael Gosse


Maryland Association of Blind Students Division

President: Qualik Ford

Vice President: Naudia Graham

Secretary: Melika Aziminia

Treasurer: Sewjen Dhakal

Board Members:

Alysha Levy

Amadi Sullivan

Noah White


Maryland Parents of Blind Children Division

President: James Garret Mooney

First Vice President: Teresa Graham

Second Vice President: Christine Day

Secretary: Melissa Sheeder

Treasurer: Stephanie Cascone

Board Members:

Joey "Jamilla" Breiannis

Brittany Bomboy

Monica Rao

Melissa Riccobono

Domonique Sanders


Maryland Senior Issues Division

President: Marguerite Woods

Vice President: Aloma Bouma

Secretary: Danielle Earl

Treasurer: Ellen Ringlein

Board Members:

Roxanne Griffin

Barry Hond

Judy Nelson