National Federation of the Blind of Maryland Programs

The following list of programs illustrates how the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland (NFBMD) helps blind persons to live the life they want. As a dynamic organization, new programs are always evolving based on input from members. This list is a sample of most of our recurring programs.

Annual State Convention

Each fall, NFBMD conducts the annual state convention filled with opportunities to network and build and deepen friendships, acquire information about the latest technology and activities from our national office, exchange ideas with policymakers on how to improve services for the blind throughout the state, plan for the future by using knowledge gained from workshops and seminars, and have a weekend of fun that will renew your zest for life. [Link to state convention info]

Special Seminars Conducted by Divisions

In addition to meeting during the annual state convention, divisions of the NFBMD hold special workshops and other activities throughout the year. Visit For Students; For Parents; For Seniors

Local Chapters hold monthly support group meetings

Community outreach and public education are a vital part of the activities of local chapters of the NFBMD. Chapters and Divisions, and link to Chapter Activities page]

John T. McCraw Scholarship Program


NFBMD offers two scholarships annually to students in higher education who either live in Maryland or attend college in Maryland. Students will receive their awards at the annual state convention. We also provide students with the opportunity to attend the annual National Federation of the Blind convention. John T. McCraw Scholarship Program Page

Sharon Maneki Youth Empowerment Grant Program

Middle school and high school students gain access to special training programs in blindness skills through our Sharon Maneki Youth Empowerment grant program.

Braille Enrichment Literacy and Learning (BELL) Academy


This is a two-week summer day program for elementary school students to promote self-esteem and confidence. By developing skills in Braille reading and writing and other alternative techniques, students begin to understand that they can live the life they want. BELL information.

Braille Literacy for Life Adult Braille Reading Contest

The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland is sponsoring this new contest because we know from our own experience that good Braille skills contribute to the independence and success of blind people. We want to encourage those blind individuals who learned Braille as adults to practice and thereby improve this valuable blindness skill. Participants are mentored by experienced Braille readers and those who read the most pages during the contest period are eligible for cash prizes.

Information and Referral Services


Through its advocacy committee and its local chapters, NFBMD provides information and referral to rehabilitation and education services. NFBMD members also provide education on Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) benefits.