NFB of Maryland Resolutions Archives

We grouped all the available back listings  of the NFB of Maryland's state resolutions here for your convenience.



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2012 Resolutions


2012 Resolutions – from seventh day of January, 2012,

Resolution 2012-101 Regarding Certification for Paratransit Services


2011 Resolutions

Resolution 2011-1 Regarding an Accessible Online Voter Registration System

Resolution 2011-2 Regarding Fair Wages for Maryland Workers with Disabilities

Resolution 2011-3 Regarding Electronic Readers Supplied By Public Libraries

Resolution 2011-4 Regarding Enforcement of the Maryland White Cane Law

Resolution 2011-5 Regarding Local Government Web Site Accessibility


2010 Resolutions


Resolution 2010-1 - Regarding Maryland Identification Cards

Resolution 2010-2 - Regarding the Existence of the Office of Blindness and Vision Services (OBVS

RESOLUTION 2010-3  Regarding nonvisual access to Blackboard

RES        OLUTION 2010-4 - Regarding planning and timely purchase of equipment for DORS clients



2009 Resolutions

Resolution 2009-01 Regarding Braille Literacy

Resolution 2009-02 Regarding Provision of Readers and Textbooks

Resolution 2009-03 Regarding Dr. Jonathan Lazar and Towson University

Resolution 2009-04 Regarding Accessible Voting in Maryland

Resolution 2009-05 Website Accessibility in Maryland