Networking Opportunities for Parents and Children


Connect with Maryland Parents

The MDPOBC has a wonderful network of families who are knowledgeable on helping you encourage your child to be independent and self-sufficient. Through our email list serve and Facebook group you can share ideas and ask questions on a variety of topics such as what programs, information and strategies are effective to instill confidence and independence for our children to be successful adults.


Annual State Convention

Attending the annual state convention gives parents an overview of changes in programs for the blind, new laws, and a summary of accomplishments and goals that still need to be achieved. The convention provides opportunities for networking with other parents. There are also special activities for young children, tweens, and teens to foster new friendships and to discover blind adults who may serve as role models. The MDPOBC conducts its annual business meeting at the parents’ luncheon. The MDPOBC also hosts specific workshops for parents that allow families to learn from children, educators, and other parents.

Learn more about the NFBMD state convention here.


Events Throughout the Year

Are you interested in small-group discussions that emphasize problem solving strategies? MDPOBC holds social events throughout the year, such as a back-to-school picnic. The division also offers periodic special workshops that provide hands-on experience with such skills as cooking, independent travel, assistive technology, and more. You can find about when and where these events are held by subscribing to our list serve, joining our Facebook group, or visiting our NFBMD upcoming events web page.


Expanding Your Network

Members of Maryland's POBC are also members of the dynamic National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC).  Learn more about the National NOPBC Organization from their web site.

Every year the National Federation of the Blind holds its annual National Convention. It is the largest gathering of blind people in the country. Parents who attend will be able to participate in the annual seminar of the NOPBC, meet other parents, and meet other blind people who could serve as mentors to their children. Learn more about the national convention here and learn more about the NOPBC annual seminar on the National NOPBC web site.