Join the Networking for Employment challenge!

Good day.  This message is to invite our members to participate in the Networking for Employment Challenge the first seven days of July 2023. This opportunity is coordinated by the Maryland Employment Committee in conjunction with the National Employment Committee.  The challenge is open to job seekers, currently employed and retired members to learn about and practice a necessary skill for success in any career and share our strengths with one another. All members are invited to join, even if not going to national convention. We will encourage our members to learn and then go out and actually practice the skill among our peers and supporters.


This challenge is specific to employment related networking to expand the career resources for our members – no matter what career path they pursue.  Career networking involves focusing your questions when you meet someone new so that you get information back that is related to your career. Don’t fret because the Maryland Employment Committee will share several more communications with tools so Federationists can be successful in this challenge, including topics like:

  • the nuances of employment networking versus other types of networking
  • how to prepare for career specific networking
  • ways to track contacts
  • how to network at a career fair
  • join us for a career networking activity at our national convention
  • a follow-up zoom call to share successes, obstacles and next steps.


The challenge can be done individual to individual chapter to chapter, or form a team just for fun to see who will collect the best new employment related contacts and build new relationships that expand our support and resources. Although the quantity of contacts you get is fun, remember It’s about the journey and practicing a critical skill that nets you good-quality results.


The ultimate  goal of this challenge is to practice critical job skills, reduce the fear and break down some barriers to networking.  We look forward to having participants from every chapter and a more career ready Federation!


It’s easy to start: Check the NFB of Maryland website at

  and visit the employmet corner to read an article about why and how to start your employment networking journey, the details about the June 10 digital contact card training is also there, tips for successful networking at career fair and more information coming between now and July 1.


We wish you success and fun in your Networking for Employment challenge!



NFB of MD Employment Committee