Technology Training on Digital Contact Business Cards and Networking Strategies Sponsored by the NFB Muslims Group

Are you planning to attend the employment job fair during convention? Or perhaps you prefer to socialize to connect with new friends and colleagues. Are you the type to find or create opportunities for networking? Are you familiar with digital contact cards?
NFB Muslims group is here to help make exchanging phone numbers, emails, business information, social media, and or website a lot easier.
Stand out from the crowd with resourcefulness and efficiency and join us to learn how to create and share your digital business card.

The NFB Muslims Group hosted a technology training workshop  on June 10 at 1 PM Eastern via Zoom. The workshop zoom recording and the Powerpoint slide deck are publicly available. 
The technology training will cover Digital applications of contact business cards as well as tips and strategies for networking at  conferences, conventions, employment fairs, and other social events. The training will cover basic applications via smart phones as well as advanced applications. Follow up resources Will also be provided.

The technology training is Open to all who are interested to network for social or  employment purposes, and   Who is also looking for a more efficient and resourceful means of communication during the NFB convention in July and beyond.

For questions, email the NFB Muslims Group Chair, Tasnim Alshuli, at

with Peace,
Tasnim Alshuli, Chair of the NFB Muslims Group

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