Networking at a Career Fair


A career or job fair is a recruiting event where employers and recruiters meet with potential employees and where both the employer and job seeker can learn more about one another.

A recruiter is someone tasked to find the best candidates for open positions and they may be employed by the company directly or as a contractor.


The best way to take advantage of the many networking opportunities at a career fair is to follow the recommendations below.


  1. Prepare

Alexander Graham Bell said “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Networking will help you create your successful career full of resources and opportunities but before that you have to prepare to network effectively. Start with researching each organization that will be at the career fair by looking at their websites and  current job openings. Also prepare your introductory statement , which is your 90 second introduction about what you have to offer, how you can contribute to the organization and what you are looking for. Remember to have printed versions of your resume ready to share with the recruiter.


  1. Prioritize.

Once in the room first visit the employers that, based on what you learned from your preparation, will most likely have the types of positions you want. Be confident when you approach them and ready to ask questions that will quickly get you the best information about the types of jobs you want and the hiring process.


  1. Speak with everyone.

USE every minute at a career fair and be sure to speak with the other job seekers at the fair with you because they may be in your industry and could become important contacts for you. Speak with others  who may be helping at the fair as they may know of positions available or valuable resources in their current organizations. Think about how every person in the room is a good connection for you and may  have advice to help you or know someone who will become a key to your future success. A career fair can be the best opportunity to meet a large number of similar minded people gathered in one place. You already know you have two things in common with 90% of the people at the fair and those are that you are all looking for employment and that you all have vision impairment or loss. Don’t miss any opportunities to chat.


  1. Note the Contact Info

Be ready to take note of  the email, phone and social media data of the people you meet.  You may need your slate and stylus or have your digital contact information ready to share or send them a text or email on the spot so you have the number. Make sure your technology is fully charged too. The NFB Muslims group provided training on digital contact cards.


In summary prepare, prioritize, speak to everyone and note the contact information. Make the time you spend at the career fair of the highest quality by following these recommendations and you will quickly expand your network and career resources.


Visit Employment Corner for tips about other types of employment networking, how to track the contacts you meet and look for an invitation coming soon to join a zoom call to share your networking successes with others and discuss how to grow and maintain those new relationships you worked so hard to make.


Good Luck!


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Submitted by the NFB of Maryland Employment Committee.