There are numerous products, both high- and low-tech, which have been created to enable blind and visually impaired people to do many things independently. The following list focuses on companies and organizations based in or near Maryland which sell and/or demonstrate a wide range of these products. Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement of these products or services by the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland.

Learning about technology for the blind can be a daunting challenge. For general information about assistive technology for blind people, visit the NFB's International Braille and Technology Center athttps://nfb.org/ibtc1. For a comprehensive list of assistive technology products and services, go tohttps://nfb.org/technology-resource-list. You may also wish to visit the websites of manufacturers such as HumanWare, Freedom Scientific, and Optolec, listed by individual vendors below, to understand what each Maryland vendor actually sells.

NFB Independence Market

200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Phone: (410) 659-9314, ext. 2216
Fax: (410) 685-2340
E-mail: IndependenceMarket@nfb.org

Your source for NFB literature and blindness products
The National Federation of the Blind Independence Market offers blindness-related literature, resources, and products as a service to individuals who are blind or experiencing vision loss, to their friends and families, and to the general public.

The blindness-related products carried by the Independence Market (such as canes, talking watches and clocks, print and Braille writing aids, magnifiers, and medical devices) enable the user to perform everyday tasks more independently. Greater independence empowers blind people to live the lives they want.

An extensive free literature collection includes how-to materials, inspirational and thoughtful speeches and articles, and stories on all aspects of blindness – all from the perspective of the blind person. Parents of blind children, blind students, blind job seekers, blind parents, and seniors new to severe vision loss will find materials which address their specific needs. Taken separately, each piece of literature or story may reveal one person's experience or thoughts as a blind person. Collectively this literature tells the story of blind people working together, with love, hope, and determination, to promote equality and to transform our dreams into reality.

To browse the entire list of products and literature, go to the NFB online store at

Low Vision Center

Terry Eason, Executive Director
4905 Del Ray Avenue, Suite 504
Bethesda, MD 20814


The Low Vision Center helps people maintain their independence by offering information services as well as a demonstration area full of a variety of low vision aids and ideas. Appointments are usually scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Atlantic Low Vision

Phil Linz: phil@atlanticlowvision.com
Kristi Linz: kristi@atlanticlowvision.com
Website: www.atlanticlowvision.com
Sells a variety of portable and desktop video magnifiers, as well as ZoomText software from AI Squared.

Vision Support

Scott Holden
1701 Kiva Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Phone: (301) 388-2040
Fax: (301) 388-0073
E-mail: scottholden28@verizon.net
Website: www.visionsupportsystems.com

Sells a wide range of video magnifiers from companies including AI Squared and Optolec. Offers training.

TCS Associates

7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 340, Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: Toll-Free Voice: 855-862-4586 or (240) 428-1820
Email: General Questions and Comments: info@tcsassociates.com
Website: www.tcsassociates.com

Sells and provides training for screen readers and notetakers from AI Squared, HIMS, Nuance, and other companies. Provides fee-based tactile and close-vision interpreting services for people who are deaf-blind.

Envision Technology

4948 St. Elmo Avenue, Suite 303
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: (301) 654-3568
Toll Free: (800) 582-5051
Web site: http://www.envisiontechnology.org
E-mail: moira@envisiontechnology.org

Envision Technology provides assistive technology solutions and training for individuals with learning difficulties and visual impairments. They are authorized representatives for Kurzweil Educational Systems, AbiSee, Inspiration, Neufeld Learning Systems, Freedom Scientific, Optolec, WordQ/SpeakQ, K-NFB Reading Technologies, AI Squared, Guerilla Technologies, Dolphin, Humanware, Tenacity Corporation and other assistive technology manufacturers.

ITG (Integration Technologies Group)

2745 Hartland Road, Falls Church, VA 22043
Phone: 703-698-8282

ITG provides consulting services, equipment sales, training and repair for a variety of Adaptive Technologies. Hardware Accessibility Products include Humanware Products, Braille Display Systems, Braille embossers, and a CCTV/CCD System. Software Accessibility Products include Dragon, ZoomText, MAGic, Kurzweil, JAWS, Duxbury and WYNN

Torres Foundation

1725 I St. NW, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 349-8486
E-mail: atorres@torresfoundation.org

Conducts assistive technology assessments, provides computer training for people who use screen readers and magnification software, and sells products from Freedom Scientific and AI Squared.
Individuals can also learn about and be referred to an array of related services and sources of adaptive equipment.

VOMA Technologies and Training

Keith Austin
P.O. Box 10312
Rockville, MD 20849
Primary Phone: 571-338-0325
Phone: 1-855-424-4396
E-mail: vomatech@msn.com
Web: www.vomatech.com

Provides setup, configuration and training for products including notetakers, screen readers, magnification software, and computers. Serves customers statewide.

Chesapeake Brailler Service

787 Forsythe Terrace
Severna Park, MD 21146
Phone: 410-315-9664 (voice only)
Phone: 410-507-2610
Email: chesapeakebrailler@gmail.com
 Servicing all variations of classic Perkins braillewriters - standard, light touch, large cell and electric. Basic fee is $100 for cleaning and adjustments. Estimates are provided for repairs beyond standard adjustments. All work is guaranteed for 90  days.

Maryland Technology Assistance Program

2301 Argonne Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: 1-800-TECH TAP (800) 832-4827 Voice
Web site: www.mdtap.org
Email: mdtap@mdtap.org

The Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MD TAP) is a part of the Maryland Department of Disabilities. The purpose of MD TAP is to provide a statewide, consumer-responsive system of information and access to adaptive technology for persons of any age with a disability.
Services offered by MD TAP include:
Information and referral;

Training (including individual consultations, workshops and conferences);
Equipment demonstrations and loans; and
Assistance in obtaining funding for technologies.
MD TAP operates regional demonstration centers and makes visits to all parts of the state. Call for appointments.

National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program

TCS Associates
7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 340, Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: Toll-Free Voice: 855-862-4586 or (240) 428-1820
Email: General Questions and Comments: info@tcsassociates.com

The goal of the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP) is to ensure that every person with combined hearing and vision loss has access to modern telecommunication tools and the training necessary to use them, granting every individual the opportunity to interact with the world as an involved, contributing member of society. The program — promoted by iCanConnect — provides outreach, assessments, telecommunications technology and training free of charge to those who meet federal eligibility guidelines.

Office of Blindness and Vision Services

Division of Rehabilitation Services
2301 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: (410) 554-9277
Web site: http://dors.maryland.gov/consumers/specialized/OBVS/Pages/default.aspx
E-mail: dors@dors.state.md.us

Assesses DORS consumers to determine the most appropriate assistive technology to aid them in reaching their educational and vocational goals. Configures and delivers recommended equipment to DORS clients statewide. Offers classes on JAWS and ZoomText at the Argonne Drive location, as well as individualized training at clients' homes..