You Have The Right To Parent Children

In 2009, HB 689 / SB 613 was enacted into law. This law prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability against parents, guardians or caregivers who are involved in adoption, custody, or Children in Need of Assistance (CINA) cases. Read HB 689 / SB 613 in Word format or Read HB 689 / SB 613 PDF format.

The law against discrimination on the basis of disability in custody, guardianship, and adoption was further strengthened in 2016 by the enactment into law of SB765/HB976. This law states that before reducing or changing the role of the disabled parent in their child’s life, the court must offer supportive parenting services to the disabled person. If a party in these cases alleges that the disabled parent is not capable of caring for the child, that party has the burden to prove their allegation. The judge in these cases must write his decision and the reasons for it in the record. For further information read SB765 / HB 976 in word or pdf format.


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